Commission Photography Guide

 What gives a portrait life is the detail in the eye, and to be able to achieve this life I need to be able to see the eyes colour and detail in the photograph I am working from.

I need a good close up head shot of your pet to be able to get enough detail.


I know first hand how difficult it is to get that perfect photo of your pet. Here are a few tips and examples for getting the perfect shot.

  • Take the photo with the sun/light behind the photographer

  • Don't worry about the background

  • Get someone to stand next to the photographer with a treat/bucket

  • Try to use a camera rather than phone, if this is not possible make sure you are not using any zoom on your phone as this reduces quality

The better the photo, the better the portrait!


I know that for some commissions, for example in remembrance of a pet that has passed away, taking new photos is not always possible. In this case I would suggest collecting as many good quality photos to send to me to discuss before making a decision on the best.

Creative License

Please don't worry if there are certain parts of the photo you want changing. I am more than happy to remove bridles, collars, mud stains and dribbles. 

Here are some examples where I have removed the bridle and collar. So don't worry if its not quite the perfect photo. 

You can decide on the level of creative license!